Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This is Bruno Mars. i love the way he composed his songs.his songs very romantic and i love his lyrics.By the way, he so cute.I like his style and his song.He so cool :) I wish I can go for his concert this coming April but I can't :( oh Bruno Mars, I LOVE YOU !! ^^

Katy Perry is the hottest artist ever. She so stunning. She so adorable and cute. Her songs very cathcy.I love her songs very much.I love her songs "Thinking of you" very much. Her lyrics is so cool and meaningful to me.HEHE.I LOVE YOU BABE :)

This is Far East Movement. The new artist . i love their songs. Their songs are very catchy and i love LIKE A G6 songs ! oh man !! i love their rhythm and the beat of drum . HEHE you go guys !!! ^^

This is Faizal Tahir.Malaysian Artist that I love adore.I love his songs.His songs so romantic and he's the one that i love most from Malaysian Artist. HEHE ^^

JUSTIN BIEBER the cutest boy that i have ever seen.He so cute.I love his songs like BABY BABY BABY OHH . HAHAH .This is not cool like Justin BIEBER. hehe this cutie boy will coming to Malaysia this coming 21st April 2011 :)  YOU GO CUTIE BANANA PIE ! ^^

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